1962 | Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 FHC | Restored by Rawles Motorsport

Car Overview

Originally built on November 28th 1962, E-type 861023 had been under the same ownership from 1975. The first registered keeper was Paul Pycroft who raced from the 1930s through until the 1970s. He took part in and won the first ever motor race at Goodwood in 1948 and raced this E-Type at least twice at sprint events in North Wales, winning those events in 1963 and 1964.

In 2015, Rawles Motorsport began a full restoration of this rare, original right-hand drive car with special order close ratio gearbox. Restoration was completed August 2018, with the car launched at the Goodwood breakfast club. The car was shortlisted into the top three cars of show for the video left/right.


Body fit was poor, there was significant rust on the body, paint was crazed and cracked, a sunroof had been added, the chrome and brightwork had all been painted black and strange cut outs made to the body. The car did surprisingly run briefly.


To strip the bodywork of paint, rust and containments a tailored blasting service was utilised with different media for varying panel types to maximise cleaning efficiency without warping panels.


Major repair was required to the body with new floors, sills and rear quarter panels required. The roof was restored with the Webasto removed.


Multiple stages of etch, epoxy, high build and spray filler primers and seam sealers were used during the paint finish to protect and futureproof this E-Type.


Paintwork is the central part of a premium restoration and as such deserves to be of an impeccable finish. Around 400 hours were spent painting the car, ensuring a glass-like finish.


The original engine was stripped down, chemically cleaned, crack and pressure tested before being refurbished to our original specification. The engine was then set-up on our rolling road dyno to ensure safe break-in and maximised power across the complete rev range.

The rare original close ratio gearbox was rebuilt fully with original components.


Our leather artisans hand-crafted the interior of this Jaguar to a perfect fit with many completely bespoke panels made from the correct Jaguar Red.


After road and dynamometer testing, the car was unveiled to the public at the 2018 Goodwood ‘Classic Sunday’ Breakfast Club.


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