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RM manifold is a thing of beauty

I purchased one of your new manifolds last season but just found out yesterday
that you guys are the ones who designed and produced it.
To me it is be the single most beautiful piece of casting art that I have ever seen and
may be the nicest part on my car (next to the COSWORTH Pistons, but you can’t see them).
I’ve owned this same car for 43 years and have always wondered how it ever ran properly with such an archaic intake manifold.
Although the race cars had individual intake runners for the triple Weber of HD8 set ups I wasn’t inclined to race
so I just lived with the OEM manifold, until I saw yours!
Thank you very much for investing your time and effort in producing these manifolds, they are truly a work of art.

Pete Carbone, USA



December 2015

Full car specification

I don’t race this car but I drive it like a race car and I am now on a mission;
I have to keep the car running because it’s the only thing I own that makes me feel young!
Fast flow manifold from Rawles Motorsport