Jaguar Restoration

Jaguar Overview

Rawles Motorsport has a long history and intimate familiarity with classic Jaguar models, with key specialist staff and provide full E-type and XK model restorations as well as servicing for all 3.4, 3.8, 4.2 and 5.3 litre engines.

We are able to restore all 1950s and 60s Jaguar sports cars to factory original standard or provide upgrades to refine and sharpen your driving experience.

Jaguar Restoration
Jaguar restoration
Austin Healey

Body & Chassis

Our artisans have the greatest skills set which enables them to restore original factory items to ‘as new’ or create the most accurate reproductions by hand.

On every restoration the chassis is first shot blasted and the body panels chemically dipped (to remove contaminants) before repairs and quality improvements are made.

Austin Healey chassis repair
Austin Healey chassis
Jaguar Restoration Paint
Jaguar restoration chassis
Jaguar Restoration
Jaguar Restoration


A clear distinguishing feature between Rawles Motorsport and other competitors is our market leading paint facility and our team’s superior paint quality.

Our facilities include two state-of-the-art, highly efficient booths with the ability to control climate, airflow, filtering and bake variables to the second. Our dedicated mixing room also ensures great colour mix and match accuracy. These facilities represent the most premium tools the industry has to offer.

It’s important to us that a jobs lasts. That’s why we use a range of different primers from etch to high build as well as seam sealers at different stages of restoration to ensure optimum longevity.

Jaguar restoration Paint
jaguar paint work
jaguar paint work

Engine Build

Our specialist engine builders have a great skill set developed over more than 30 years enabling great experience in building both factory standard and upgraded road performance engines for all 3.4, 3.8, 4.2 and 5.3 litre Jaguar power plants.

All of our engines are built and tested with preliminary break-in and tuning conducted on our rolling road – the safest environment for any new build or restoration where we can keep an eye on every possible parameter.

Jaguar Engine Restoration


All of our work is hand-fitted to your car ensuring fit far superior to both factory and aftermarket items. We additionally offer modern product solutions to increase refinement through reduced cockpit noise, vibration and heat.

We stock quality UK sourced hides and vinyls both suitable for recreating a concours build car or creating a sumptuous upgraded interior. Classic and Sports car described our work as ‘perfect’.

Jaguar Restoration
Interior Upholstery and trim


Adding a bespoke and personal touch, crafting a unique interior, refining handling and performance, or discreetly adding in-car entertainment; whatever your requirements, we can personalise your car to suit you.

Austin Healey
Jaguar Restoration


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